Upcoming and Recent Changes

Upcoming and Recent Changes

  • Notes

    • If you purchased NoteBook from the Mac App Store, the very latest NoteBook update may not be available to you because Apple has not approved it.

    NoteBook 4.0.4 7/9/2014

    • Fixed a bug that caused a Notebook that was saved with its cover page visible to be uncovered when reopened.
    • Fixed a bug that caused typing slowness.
    • Fixed a problem with text layout when multiple fonts existed in an outline item.
    • Fixed a problem with printing highlighted text.
    • Shift Escape now toggles Full Text Mode at all times, not only when you’re not editing an outline item.

    NoteBook 4.0.3 6/24/2014

    • Fixed a bug with the Inspector when running on Snow Leopard.
    • Fixed a bug with verifying settings in the NoteBookHelper, that caused clipping not to work.
    • Fixed a bug where the page curl control would appear even if you had set it not to in NoteBook preferences.
    • Fixed a bug where if you made changes in an outline item in a page in a separate window, and did not press Return to commit those changes before closing the window, those changes were lost after the page returned to the Notebook.
    • Worked around a text drawing issue in OS X Yosemite.
    • Fixed a bug where the SuperFind inspector date field would reset when the inspector lost focus.
    • Fixed a problem with slow text typing for some users.
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect settings for two of the priority scope popup menu items in the SuperFind inspector.
    • Fixed a crasher when working with export paths in the website export inspector pane.
    • Fixed a bug where the checkmark image was not drawn in hi-res on Retina Macs.
    • Fixed a long-standing bug where the Prioritize sort sorted items by due date descending, which placed items due far in the future ahead of items due soon.
    • The To Do Multidex page to no longer groups items by the page that contains them. You can reenable this grouping using the command in the Page Options sticker.
    • Added an option in the Outline pane of NoteBook preferences to disable NoteBook 4’s new auto-numbering feature.
    • Added checks to make sure outline item control images in the contextual menu you get when you Control-click on a tab are properly sized.
    • Fixed a problem with the page turn animation when paper holes are not visible.
    • Fixed a bug where the page number would disappear if you had the ruler visible.
    • Fixed a problem where text in an outline item wrapped incorrectly when the item contained a left-aligned attachment that was wider than the page.
    • Fixed a bug where if you covered and then uncovered a Notebook, any pages in a separate window would no longer appear in the Window menu.
    • Added icons to Window menu items so that NoteBook document windows stand out from other items in the menu.
    • Fixed a problem where the title of the current page in the Contents Card was not properly truncated when too long to fit in the available space.
    • Fixed a bug where dragging a file attachment into a hoisted outline would sometimes result in the attachment being added to the portion of the outline that was not visible.
    • Fixed a problem where sketches would lose resolution on saving.
    • Fixed a problem where NoteBook was not ignoring old page background tiles assigned to pages by NoteBook 3.
    • Fixed a bug where the OS X list feature did not work when typing in an outline item in Paragraph mode.
    • Fixed a problem with action item syncing to iCal on Lion.
    • Fixed another occurrence of the bug where pages omitted from printing are still listed on the printed Contents page.

    NoteBook 4.0.2 (742) 5/21/2014

    • Fixed a problem where NoteBook did not correctly recognize URLs with parens.
    • Fixed a problem with NoteBook’s indexer and non-Roman text.
    • When the Find scope is set to “Notebook”, the Find strip will now only execute the search when you press Return. Previously it would automatically search after a pause in typing. NoteBook still performs auto-searching when the scope is set to “Page”.
    • Fixed problems the Find Next and Find Previous buttons in the Find strip when the scope is set to “Notebook” and there is no match on the current page.
    • Fixed a bug where Edit -> Find -> Scroll to Selection ended text editing instead of scrolled the insertion point into view.
    • Fixed a formatting bug in the Website Format Thumbnail image settings sheet.
    • Fixed a crasher related to closing a page in a separate window on Snow Leopard.
    • Fixed a problem related to contact information and sync services.
    • Fixed a problem with the page turn animation on Retina Macs.
    • Fixed a problem where action items were not sorting by priority on the To Dos Multidex page.
    • Fixed a website export problem where outline controls would sometimes not function.
    • Fixed a crasher related to working with shapes.
    • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to create a link from a text selection to an outline item or page.
    • Fixed a problem where the Clip and Annotate panel would not accept rich text with attachments.
    • Fixed a problem with Super Find date searching.
    • Fixed an issue with choosing the Edit -> Insert -> Page Break command while editing an outline item.

    NoteBook 4.0.1 (740) 5/12/2014

    • Fixed a problem with the German version of the software license agreement panel.
    • Fixed problems with the Notebook window toolbar being too tall on non-English versions of NoteBook.
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to invoke the Reveal in Contents Card command while turned to the Cover page.
    • Fixed a bug where for some users NoteBook would quit shortly after launching.
    • Fixed a bug where hiding the Contents Card when running NoteBook on Snow Leopard would cause the Notebook window to hide.
    • Fixed a bug with saving LinkBack data.
    • Fixed a problem related to the word count function that could cause a page not to display all of its content.

    NoteBook 4 5/6/2014

    Click here to read what's new in NoteBook 4.

  • Notes

    If you are experiencing issues or crashers not addressed in the latest update, please let us know using our support form.

    NoteBook 4.0.4 7/9/2014

    Note: because of changes Apple made to iOS 7, it is not currently possible to add images from your image library directly (i.e. by way of the Add button in the pencil bar) to a NoteBook page. As a workaround, you can launch the Photos app, copy the desired image, and then paste it into NoteBook. We plan to work around this problem in a future update to NoteBook for iPad.

    • Fixed a crasher under iOS 8 beta.
    • Fixed a crasher when using sliders to change values in inspector panes.

    NoteBook 4 5/6/2014

    • Added the ability to read the new NoteBook file format.
    • Fixed a problem with syncing large Notebooks via Dropbox that would previously cause the syncing to fail.

    NoteBook 3.1.11 12/20/2013

    • Fixed a bug with syncing large Notebooks from Dropbox for the first time. Because of how Dropbox rate limits data and files pulled from its service, you will often see sync errors the first time you sync a large Notebook from Dropbox, and some of the Notebook's images and data files might be missing. Previously if you performed a resync NoteBook would not recognize that those files still needed to be downloaded and would report that the sync succeeded. But when you opened the Notebook, images would be missing and pages would report that their data was missing. Now, NoteBook correctly detects that page and other files are missing and redownloads them. Again, because of Dropbox rate limiting you may see a sync error after your second sync - just keep tapping the sync button until NoteBook reports that the sync succeeded. You will eventually notice that the sync bar makes more and more progress with each sync. Once the sync succeeds, the Notebook will be fully downloaded.
    • Fixed a bug in how NoteBook’s RTF writer saved out tab characters.

    NoteBook 3.1.10 8/23/2013

    • Fixed a crasher when running NoteBook on iOS 7.

    NoteBook 3.1.9 8/9/2013

    • Fixed problems with running NoteBook on iOS 7. Please note: iOS 7-related UI updates will appear in a future version.
    • Fixed a bug that disabled horizontal page scrolling at 100% magnification.
    • Changed how NoteBook renders PDFs. NoteBook should now properly observe parameters like the crop box, etc.
    • Fixed a rare Dropbox crasher.

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