Making the Switch to the Mac

Making the Switch to the Mac

FinderWith its stable OS X operating system, resistance to viruses, and industrial strength applications, the Mac presents a computing experience that is in many ways superior to Windows. The Mac platform offers replacements for all but the most-specialized applications on your Windows computer, and your Mac includes many of these apps right out of the box. One Windows app without a bundled alternative is OneNote, which many Windows users rely on to take and manage notes.

The Pitfalls Of Running OneNote Under “Virtualization”

CautionSome switchers have explored running OneNote under “virtualization” environments like Parallels and Fusion, but that solution presents problems. First, you can’t integrate OneNote with your Mac applications, separating all of the important information you put into OneNote from the tools in your Mac workflow. And second, running Windows on your Mac can expose your computer to viruses that can destroy your notes, or distribute them across the Internet. They can even damage the files on the Mac side of your computer.

Circus Ponies NoteBook—The OneNote Replacement on the Mac

NoteBook ScreenshotFortunately there’s Circus Ponies NoteBook, the OneNote replacement on the Mac. NoteBook has the features and interface you’re used to: the notebook metaphor with pages and tabs; notes and attachments you can place anywhere on the page; sketches and diagrams; a powerful outliner; handwriting recognition; voice-annotated notes; web export; and more. NoteBook also includes features you won’t find in OneNote, such as its patented Multidex™ which helps you locate notes quickly and intuitively. Or its integration with other Apple apps like Address Book, Safari and Mail. All in a Mac-style user interface.

Take a look at the NoteBook vs. OneNote feature comparison chart. And check out the rest of the OneNote Switcher’s Guide for more information about switching to NoteBook from OneNote.

NoteBook vs. OneNote
Feature  NoteBook   OneNote
Full-featured “notebook” interface x x
Multiple Notebooks x x
Outlining, writing, and other page types x
Industrial-strength outlining x x
Mark-up notes with highlighting and keywords x x
Place notes and files anywhere on a page x x
Diagrams and flow charts x x
Voice-annotated notes x x
Sticky notes and flags x
“Clipping” of screen-grabs x x
“Clipping” of content from other apps x
Link notes to contacts in Address Book x
Easy PDF document annotation x x
Action item management x x
Multidex™ searching x
One-step web publishing to MobileMe and FTP x
Encrypted notes x* x
iPad version x

* Note: although OneNote can encrypt notes, the Windows operating system also indexes your notes in the universal index. These index files are lightly obfuscated, meaning your notes are ultimately not secure. NoteBook encrypts its index files with the same strong encryption it uses to encrypt your notes, and does not submit those notes for inclusion in Mac Spotlight searches.

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