Annotating Documents

Annotating Documents

PenJust like OneNote, you can use NoteBook to annotate documents. Say your professor posts her class notes and slides on her website, or your workgroup sends around weekly meeting minutes. Suppose you’d like to jot notes or scribble figures on those documents, but still keep them in electronic form. With NoteBook, it’s easy.

Annotating PDF Documents

PDF document iconFirst, start with the PDF document that you want to annotate. If you don’t have a PDF — maybe your professor distributes PowerPoint slides — don’t worry. Just open the document in its native application, choose File → Print, and then save it as a PDF.

To begin annotating, drop the PDF onto a Notebook. NoteBook will ask if you want to add the document for annotation, and when you confirm, NoteBook adds each page of the PDF as a separate new page in the Notebook.

Next, start annotating! Double-click anywhere to begin a new text note. Use the mouse or a tablet to add scribbles and circle important information. Add shapes and lines to create a diagram. Drop in sticky notes and flags.

Annotating in a NotebookOnce you’ve completed your annotations, choose File → Print to generate a new version of the PDF that includes your annotations.

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