Take Great Notes

Take Great Notes

The App For Power-Outliners and Freeform Note Takers

NoteBook screenshotNoteBook supports whatever note-taking style works best for you. Use NoteBook’s full-featured outliner to take structured notes, or just free-form as you would in a word processor. NoteBook even supports Cornell Notes, the most-popular note taking system in North American higher ed.

Place attachments together with your notes, so your important documents are right alongside your notes. Even attach sticky notes as you would in a real paper notebook.

Never Miss Another Detail, With Voice-Annotated Notes

NoteBook Voice Annotation

If you’re in a meeting or lecture, NoteBook’s voice annotation feature guarantees you won’t miss a thing. Click the speaker icon next to any note to start playback from the point in the recording you began taking that note. Or send your voice annotations to your iTunes music library and from there to your iPod or iPhone, and review the recording at your desk or on the go.

Diagram or Sketch When Words Aren’t Enough

A sketch and diagram within a Notebook Words aren’t always enough to capture an idea, so NoteBook lets you add diagrams, flow charts and sketches to any page. Build your diagrams using NoteBook’s pre-built collection of shapes and line styles, or use your mouse or tablet stylus to sketch. If you’re using a tablet, NoteBook varies the line thickness based on the pressure you apply to the stylus. It can even convert your tablet writing to text, using OS X’s InkWell technology.

Mark Up PDFs With Notes or Comments

Easy PDF markup with NoteBook

Take notes right on top of your PDF class notes or lecture slides. When you drop the PDF on your Notebook and choose the annotate option, NoteBook adds each PDF page as a separate page in the Notebook. From there you can add text notes, create diagrams, circle important points, and generate a new PDF that includes all of your mark-up. Your PDF and mark-up stay organized within your school Notebook.

Clip Web Pages, E-mails, and More for Later Reference

Clip content to your Notebooks for later reference

NoteBook makes it easy to“clip” selections from web pages and other apps straight into your Notebooks, without leaving the app you’re working in. Just set up one or more pages for clipping, and then start researching, reading your mail, or whatever. When you see something related to your research, select it and use the commands in the Services menu to clip it to a Notebook page. Web clippings include the URL, so that you can return to the source at any time. Then review, edit and annotate your clippings when you’re ready to work with your research.

Manage Data With Tables That Perform Computations

NoteBook tables perform computations

Collect and manage data in your Notebooks with NoteBook’s tables. Perform basic computations within and across tables by assigning formulas to table cells. The basic power of a spreadsheet, right within your Notebook pages!

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