Stay Organized

Stay Organized

Does This Desktop Look Familiar?

Messy Mac DesktopIf it does, then you already know that with enough web clippings, stickies, notes, and to dos scattered across your computer you will NEVER find an important bit of info when you really need it.

And if you’re managing a project where you need to track notes, e-mails, web links, and spreadsheets and other documents, your problem is just that much larger. You might try using folders in the Finder to keep everything in one place, but ultimately this approach fails because lists of files gets longer. We designed NoteBook to tackle this problem of organizing lots of bits of information from different sources, and making it easy to locate any of it when you need it.

Organization That Suits You, Not The Computer

NoteBook interfaceNoteBook’s documents look like paper notebooks—with pages, tabs and sections—just like the notebooks you’ve used all your life, which makes NoteBook instantly familiar and natural to use. NoteBook is also extremely flexible. Want a Notebook with a single long page of notes? No problem. Need a Notebook with multiple sections and subsections to organize your clients? That’s easy. Unlike other note-taking and organizing software, NoteBook works the way you do.

The Secret to Managing Complex Information: Outlines

NoteBook combines the notebook metaphor with outlines, which are perfect for managing lists. They are especially good for managing hierarchical lists (lists with subitems), making it easy to organize any amount of detail and then instantly hide it all with a click.

No Matter What You Throw At It, NoteBook Can Store It All

Store everything in NoteBookNotebooks can contain whatever you need to keep together and organized. Add action items to your notes, assign them due dates, publish them to your iCal calendar and phone. Even link to contacts in your Address Book, to put their information just a click away. So when three o’clock rolls around, flip to your client’s page, use the contact link to pull up her number, fill the page with notes from the call, and add checkboxes and due dates to the action items that come out of your conversation. With everything in one place, staying organized is almost automatic.

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