NoteBook for iPad

Work with Your Notes on Your iPad, Just Like on Your Desktop

Screenshot of NoteBook for the iPadUnlike other iPad apps, NoteBook for the iPad lets you work with your notes just like you do on the desktop, with multiple fonts, text colors, tab stops, and text alignment.

You can also place attachments within your notes, just like on the desktop, so that you can keep everything in one place.

Double-tap to add a quick text note, or use NoteBook’s full-featured outliner for power note-taking, making it easy to organize large amounts of information.

Voice-Annotated Notes, So You Never Miss a Detail

Voice annotated notes on the iPadTurn on voice annotation and NoteBook records the person speaking while you take your notes. When you review your notes, tapping a speaker icon starts playback from the point in the recording you began taking a particular note.

Diagrams, Sketching, and PDF Markup

Sketching and PDF mark-up on the iPadWords aren’t always enough to capture an idea, so with NoteBook on the iPad you can add diagrams, flow charts and sketches to any page. Build your diagrams using NoteBook’s pre-built collection of shapes and line styles, or use your finger to sketch.

You can also take your notes right on top of PDF class notes or lecture slides. Choose the “annotation” option when adding a PDF, and NoteBook adds its pages directly to the Notebook. Swipe through the pages, add text notes, create diagrams, circle and highlight important points. Trade binders filled with reams of notes for your iPad and Circus Ponies NoteBook.

Stay Super-Organized with Electronic Notebooks

iPad NoteBook InterfaceEach NoteBook document looks like a paper notebook, made up of pages, sections, and subsections. They resemble the notebooks you’ve used all your life, so they’re instantly familiar. And Notebooks are very flexible. Want a Notebook with a single long page of notes? No problem. Need a Notebook with multiple sections and subsections to organize your clients? That’s easy. Unlike other note-taking software, with NoteBook you can keep your notes organized in whatever way makes sense.

Find Anything Instantly Using the Multidex

iPad MultidexMost note-taking apps provide simple text searching, but when lots of notes contain the words you’re looking for, simple text search becomes useless.

That’s the idea behind the Multidex. Each time you add or change a note, NoteBook indexes not only the note’s text, but also all of its attributes, things like when the note was changed, what Keywords you assigned to it, which attachments it contains, and more. This information forms the basis of the Multidex, a set of pages at the back of every Notebook that helps you locate information by what little bit you remember about it.

So if you remember that a note contains the word urgent, tap “urgent” on the Text page and see all of the notes that contain it. If you only remember that you added it last Thursday, visit the Creation Dates page to see a list of everything you added on that day. Look for names on the Capitalized Words page. Look for numbers on the Numbers page. And so on. No matter which way you might recall a note, NoteBook has a way for you to find it with just a few taps. It’s so amazing, it’s patented.

Wirelessly Sync Your Notes Between Your Mac and iPad

Wirelessly sync your notes between your Mac and iPadYou can sync your Notebooks wirelessly between your Mac and iPad via Dropbox, so that your notes are always up-to-date no matter when you work with them.

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