Find Anything Instantly

Find Anything Instantly

Spotlight is a hopeless mess!Most apps let you find things using simple text searching, but when lots of items contain the words you’re looking for, simple text search is useless.

Even worse, what if you can’t remember a word the note contains? That’s not unusual, because our brains recall information in many different ways, not just by words. For example the only thing you might remember is that you entered the note last Thursday. Given that our brains use more than text to recall information, our searching systems should too.

Find Notes Using Whatever You Remember About Them

Multidex screenshotThat’s the idea behind NoteBook’s Multidex™, which helps you find notes in all the different ways you might remember them. Each time you add or change a note, NoteBook indexes not only the note’s text, but also all of its “attributes,” things like when the note was changed, what Keywords you assigned to it, which attachments it contains, and more. This information forms the basis of the Multidex, a set of pages at the back of every Notebook that helps you locate anything with just a few clicks.

No Matter Where It Is, The Multidex Helps You Find It Quickly

Multidex text pageThe Multidex’s Text page, for example, lists all of the words in use in your Notebook. So if you remember that a note contains the word “campaign,” expand campaign on the Text page and see all of the notes that contain it.

But if you only remember that you added it last Thursday, visit the Creation Dates page to see a list of everything you added on that day. Look for names on the Capitalized Words page. Look for numbers on the Numbers page. And so on. You can also search across multiple attributes, to see all the notes that contain“campaign”from last Thursday.

No matter which way you might recall a note, the Multidex gives you a way for you to find it with just a few clicks. It’s so amazing, it’s patented.

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