Introducing NoteBook 3.0

Introducing NoteBook 3.0

SANTA MONICA, September 22, 2008—Circus Ponies Software, Inc. today began shipping Notebook 3.0, the groundbreaking update to its award-winning application that helps Mac users get organized. NoteBook 3.0 brings diagramming and sketching to its electronic notebook pages, for capturing thoughts and ideas when words won’t suffice. The new PDF annotation features let students add class notes and lecture slides directly to their Notebooks, and then mark them up with sketches, diagrams and text. And with handwriting recognition and anywhere placement of text notes on a page, NoteBook 3.0 makes it even easier for switchers to leave behind Windows and OneNote.

“NoteBook is the most-popular note organizer for the Mac, and with 3.0 we’ve made it even better,” said Jayson Adams, Circus Ponies’s president. “Now Mac users don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on separate outlining, diagramming, and to do list programs—NoteBook does it all, at a fraction of the price.”

Here is an overview of some of the major new features in NoteBook 3.0:

Tools of the Trade

NoteBook 3.0 sketchingNoteBook 3.0 takes the notebook metaphor even further with support for sketching. Use a tablet stylus or the mouse to scribble, sketch, or even just doodle in your Notebook pages. And when you use a tablet, NoteBook can recognize your handwriting—everything from a quick note to a full page of text. Your handwritten notes appear in the Multidex™, for quick retrieval.

Get the Picture

NoteBook 3.0 diagrammingWhen you need to create a picture with a little more precision, you can use NoteBook 3.0′s new diagramming tools. Build flow charts, tree graphs, and anything else made up of lines and shapes. NoteBook 3.0 comes with a large assortment of pre-built shapes and customization options, which makes building your diagram a snap.

Make a Note of It

NoteBook 3.0 sticky notesNeed to attach a quick note to a page—add a sticky note or flag. Sticky notes can hold text, diagrams, even hand-written text. And unlike the notes stuck to your computer screen, NoteBook’s sticky notes and flags appear in the Multidex, for easy recall.

Mark Up and Down

NoteBook 3.0 PDF annotationNoteBook 3.0 makes it easy to annotate your class notes and lecture slides. Just drop a PDF document (or PowerPoint document, after converting it to PDF) onto a Notebook and tell NoteBook you want to add it for annotation.

Each PDF page becomes a new page in the Notebook, which you can leaf through, mark up with sketches, diagrams and text, even print to create a new, marked-up PDF document!

See It All At Once

NoteBook 3.0 open in separate pagesHave you ever needed to work on one page in a Notebook while looking at another? With NoteBook 3.0, you can open any page in its own window.

And Much More…

Read the complete list of changes for more information.

Pricing and Availability

NoteBook 3.0 is available now from the Circus Ponies website, with a suggested retail price of $49.95, $29.95 for academic users, and $99.95 for a 3-user “family pack.” NoteBook 3.0 is a Universal application and requires OS X 10.4.11 or higher. NoteBook 3.0 will also add localizations for major language markets over the coming months.

Upgrading to NoteBook 3.0

Registered owners can upgrade to NoteBook 3.0 for $24.95. You will need your NoteBook 2 license key (not serial number) to purchase the upgrade. You can use the license key retrieval form to retrieve your NoteBook 2 license.

Upgrade to NoteBook 3.0 for FREE if you Purchased NoteBook 2 in 2008

Purchases of NoteBook 2 between 1/1/08 and 12/31/08 can upgrade to 3.0 for free. If you purchased NoteBook from the Circus Ponies Online Store, a 3.0 license key has been added to your customer account — use the license key retrieval page to retrieve it. If you have questions, please contact support.

If you purchased the boxed version of NoteBook 2 from a retailer, please use this form to request your 3.0 upgrade key.

As stated previously, the 3.0 free upgrade is not available for copies of NoteBook purchased through special promotions, such as MacHeist, or other special purchase plans. Please purchase a 3.0 upgrade license from the Circus Ponies Online Store.

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