NoteBook Video Tour

NoteBook Video Tour

  • Introduction

    Overview:NoteBook combines the familiar notebook metaphor — pages, dividers, and tabs — with outlining to create an intuitive and flexible system for storing and organizing information.
    Run time:1:19

    Notebook Interface

    Overview:NoteBook’s electronic notebooks are perfect for storing notes, images, documents, to dos, movies. Create outlines and lists, choose from different paper styles and Notebook templates.
    Run time:5:41

    Pages and Media

    Overview:NoteBook has different page types, each designed to store a different type of information. NoteBook has tools for working with media files, including easy PDF annotation for marking up PDF files.
    Run time:5:36


    Overview:When words won’t suffice, use the mouse or a tablet to add a sketch to any Notebook page. Or take notes using a tablet and have NoteBook convert your handwriting to text.
    Run time:3:26


    Overview:Choose from a collection of shapes and lines to add diagrams and flowcharts to your Notebook pages. Attach a short note to a page using a Sticky Note or Flag.
    Run time:3:05


    Overview:NoteBook contains a full-featured outliner, which are perfect for capturing lists of information. Annotate your information with dates, checkboxes, highlighting, and more. Create voice annotated notes and copy the recording to your iPod for anywhere, anytime playback.
    Run time:7:32


    Overview:Copy text and other content directly into your Notebooks, without leaving the app you’re working in. NoteBook integrates with Apple Mail, Address Book, and Safari and other browsers to enhance your clippings.
    Run time:3:20

    Multidex and Sharing

    Overview:Locate anything instantly using NoteBook’s patented Multidex™, that helps you find things by what you remember about them. Share pages from your Notebooks with other NoteBook users, and export Notebooks to PDF, or as websites and publish to the web.
    Run time:4:07
  • Note Taking

    Overview:With its full-featured outliner, and multi-font text editing with attachments, NoteBook is the best app for taking notes on iPad.
    Run time:4:42

    Notebook Interface

    Overview:A note-taking app that can’t manage lots of notes is useless. NoteBook’s familiar “notebook” interface keeps all of your notes organized, in a way that makes sense to you. Voice annotation ensures you never miss a detail of a meeting or lecture. Add shapes and diagrams when words won’t suffice. Annotate PDFs right in your Notebooks.
    Run time:8:54


    Overview:Locate anything instantly using NoteBook’s patented Multidex, that helps you find things by what little you remember about them. Rotate your iPad to landscape to switch to two-page display.
    Run time:2:44

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