NoteBook Video Tour

NoteBook Video Tour

  • The NoteBook for Mac videos are currently located on our YouTube page.

  • Note Taking

    Overview:With its full-featured outliner, and multi-font text editing with attachments, NoteBook is the best app for taking notes on iPad.
    Run time:4:42

    Notebook Interface

    Overview:A note-taking app that can’t manage lots of notes is useless. NoteBook’s familiar “notebook” interface keeps all of your notes organized, in a way that makes sense to you. Voice annotation ensures you never miss a detail of a meeting or lecture. Add shapes and diagrams when words won’t suffice. Annotate PDFs right in your Notebooks.
    Run time:8:54


    Overview:Locate anything instantly using NoteBook’s patented Multidex, that helps you find things by what little you remember about them. Rotate your iPad to landscape to switch to two-page display.
    Run time:2:44

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