NoteBook User Profile – Executive

1. What is your name and occupation?

My name is Keith Lindsay, and I’m president of a hotel development and asset management firm.

2. Describe a typical day at work.

My days consists of advising clients on their projects or hotels and developing new client business. I move from many different topics and levels of detail through the multiple meetings in a day.

3. How does NoteBook fit into your workflow?

NoteBook is indispensable to me as I use an iPad to avoid carrying huge amounts of material. In one day I could be negotiating a contract in the morning and managing a construction project meeting in the afternoon. NoteBook allows me to gather key documents, plans in PDF format, short videos, timelines, etc. in the office and transfer them to the iPad for use during the day and to keep track of previous discussions and action plans.

4. How has NoteBook boosted your performance?

Hugely transformational. I have key data at my fingertips and often not what the client had laid down on the agenda. Being able to pull up a related document that was needed but forgotten by all participants is very powerful and shows complete mastery of the assignment for the client. NoteBook also helps me juggle different assignments effectively without having to head back to the office or search painfully through the Mac’s Finder.

5. What are your favorite NoteBook features?

Clipping from Mail and to-do’s with the link to iCal.

6. Do you use NoteBook with any other apps?

iCal and Apple Mail.

7. Has NoteBook replaced other apps?

Not for me. It is in a class of it’s own.

8. How would you describe NoteBook in one sentence?

A key business partner that allows me and my team to stay on top of many complex assignments.

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