NoteBook User Profile – Author

1. What is your name and occupation?

My name is Dave Scott. My day job is in mining. My “other” job is writing. I have written two books with one in the hopper. I also build and publish my own web sites and blogs and write articles and posts for those. And I sometimes teach biblical studies. I am a part-time professional musician but that doesn’t have anything to do with NoteBook… yet.

2. How does NoteBook fit into your workflow?

NoteBook fits into my workflow by helping me to gather and organize information for research for my writing projects, articles and posts on the web, web publishing, books, miscellaneous studies, diagrams and presentations.

I now begin most of my projects in NoteBook. I begin on the Contents page and add pages to give myself an overview of the entire project. Each page begins a section of my study. I choose the page type with a general idea of what I intend to do with that section. For instance, if I just want to quickly get my thoughts down, I add a writing page. If I know that I want a more graphical representation then I will use a note page. If I know that I am going to break down a body of information into observations and questions then I add a Cornell page.

3. How has NoteBook boosted your performance?

NoteBook helps me as I brainstorm. I can put my thoughts down very quickly on a writing page. Represent them easily on a note page with circles, boxes, arrows and text boxes. This feature is so great. I made a somewhat complex diagram/illustration for a Notebook that I decided I wanted to put on the corresponding web site. I thought “Huh, I wonder what would happen if I selected all the elements, copied and then tried to paste into Adobe Photoshop Elements.” Well, what happened was a graphic in Photoshop that was a perfect representation. Pasted it in and it was exact. No distortion or other quirky things. Powerful. I saved in Photoshop as a web graphic and published it to my site. It just works. (Hmmm… Where have I heard that? :) )

4. What are your favorite NoteBook features?

Clipping. Wow! I can easily designate a page as a clipping page, name it and it shows in the Services menu on Chrome. So as I find something of interest I can select it and then clip it to the Notebook of my choosing building my brainstorming reservoir. Open that Notebook in NoteBook and voila.

Sharing my content: I could hardly believe it when I realized that I could publish my Notebooks locally and online as web sites. On one of my sites I have devoted a page to my Notebooks so I can direct people to particular studies. This also makes it cross-platform as saving to PDF does. This is more involved than saving in other formats but still pretty easy. Select print and then save as PDF. Snap. Done.

Power and ease of adding and organizing information and giving me multiple ways to express my thoughts. I can lay out an overview and start building from that quickly and easily adding pages as needed. I don’t have to worry about the structure of my notebook because the organizing capabilities are so easy and powerful.

5. Do you use NoteBook with any other apps?

I use NoteBook with Freeway Express, Logos Bible Software, Chrome, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Pixelmator, iDraw and Simplenote.

6. Has NoteBook replaced other apps?

Time will tell but I think I won’t be much using my mind mapping and outlining apps. Can do it all in NoteBook. It doesn’t have the exact capabilities as my mind mapping software but it does very well the basic things that I ask of it. Again, the drawing tools are excellent. They just work and work quite well.

7. How would you describe NoteBook in one sentence?

An amazing program that will actually delight the user with its features, power and flexibility, and which is now the main cog in my study and writing.

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