NoteBook User Profiles

NoteBook User Profiles

1. Pharmaceutical Executive

"Before NoteBook, I would routinely miss action items from my e-mail or from meetings, because it was not possible to search well through my handwritten notes. Now, that never happens! It's absolutely the best piece of software from which to organize and retrieve information!" - Read more

David Kramer

2. Ethics and Compliance Consultant

"I've used every other note taking software available for Mac/Linux, and none has been as intuitive as NoteBook." - Read more

James Meacham

3. Writer-Producer

"The difference between using ordinary tools and using NoteBook can sometimes feel like the difference between being Clark Kent and being Superman." - Read more

Roger Schulman

4. Executive

"Being able to pull up a related document that was needed but forgotten by all participants is very powerful and shows complete mastery of the assignment for the client." - Read more

Keith Lindsay

5. Graduate Student

"OneNote had been essential to my productivity so I thought that I was doomed when I could not find it for Mac. Then I discovered NoteBook and it revolutionized my workflow. It has so many more features than OneNote; I don't know how I lived without them before!" - Read more

Jess Deneweth

6. Student, Non-Profit Coordinator

"When I found this NoteBook app and realized what all it could do, my jaw hit the floor." - Read more

Daniel Walton

7. Training Coordinator

"NoteBook gives me a fast way to have all my notes organized, and a fast way to find important notes." - Read more

Thomas Semmel

8. Teacher

"NoteBook is an amazing tool for creating electronic documents that have a lot of sketches or mathematical equations. I use it for all my solution sets." - Read more

Christa Bell

9. Businessman & Marketing Consultant

"NoteBook is the glue that holds together all the businesses and projects I work on, day-in and day-out." - Read more

Robert Schumacher

10. Law Student

"When I need information I know exactly where to find it, which saves a lot of time!" - Read more

Josanne Pont-van Westrienen

11. Author

"An amazing program that will actually delight the user with its features, power and flexibility, and which is now the main cog in my study and writing." - Read more

Dave Scott

12. Researcher

"NoteBook has made me better at quickly accessing information (very useful when being put on the spot at meetings)." - Read more

DW Wheeler

13. Attorney

"It's a very effective and efficient trial tool. Instead of rifling through papers, I can have evidence and documents ready in seconds, and I can run presentations for juries and judges right from the application on my iPad." - Read more

Thor H. Templin

14. Chief Operating Officer

"NoteBook is an ingenious, all-in-one solution for anyone who needs to stay organized, whatever field they may be in." - Read more

Dmitri Sobol

15. Information Technologist

"How does NoteBook fit into my workflow? NoteBook drives my workflow. David Allen, creator of GTD (Getting Things Done), advises that people find a 'trusted system.' NoteBook is my trusted system." - Read more

Vicki Brown

16. College Lecturer

"NoteBook makes my job more of a pleasure and relieves me and my students of many frustrations that traditional math teachers and their students experience daily." - Read more

Jill Nichols

17. Law Student, Summer Associate

"NoteBook is critical to my law school workflow, from the start of the semester to the last day of finals." - Read more

Sky Lund

18. Graduate Student

"NoteBook has taken the frustration out of research, making it possible to find what I want, when I need it." - Read more

Daniel Ostendorff

19. Minister

"When Circus Ponies brought NoteBook for iPad to the market and then followed up with Dropbox syncing, this enabled me to do my work on the go." - Read more

Brent Lawrence

20. Student, Composer

"NoteBook has allowed me to see all my notes and documents clearly in one place, and to easily view all the information I have on a certain topic." - Read more

Toby Huelin

21. Photographer

"NoteBook is a functional organizer for the unorganized." - Read more

Kacie Jo Nickles

22. Law Firm Foreman Lewis Hutchison

"Even by itself NoteBook seems to justify our firm’s move to the Mac." - Read more

Kern Lewis

23. Pastor

"NoteBook has streamlined my work because it is the one place I go to look for info." - Read more

Andrew Barnard

24. Professional Speaker, Producer

"I used to just type in a text editor and keep those files in folders. Now I can type in NoteBook and the tabs and Dividers become the folders." - Read more

Chris Fleming

25. Sales & Marketing Consultant

"NoteBook allows me to have all notes indexed and searchable, at my fingertips at all times." - Read more

Rob Shiflet

26. Musician and Author

"NoteBook helps to keep my business, music and writing lives more organized." - Read more

Mike McLaren

27. College Professor

"NoteBook filled a gaping hole that I had been struggling with for some time." - Read more

Vika Gardner, PhD

28. Law Student

"NoteBook is what allows me to efficiently complete my assignments. I don’t know what I would do without it." - Read more

Taylor G.

29. Senior Academic Project Officer

"Has NoteBook replaced other apps? NoteBook has replaced everything!" - Read more

Trina Jackson

30. Automation Supervisor

"It's so much easier now to compile information during my day -to-day activities." - Read more

Chris Morrison

31. IT Executive

"NoteBook has a rare combination of technical features, ease of use, AND design elegance." - Read more

Ira Fuchs

32. College Teacher

"NoteBook is very much like a filing cabinet except smarter." - Read more

Eric Durbrow

33. Researcher, Executive

"The variety of items that NoteBook can hold, link, connect and organize is just astounding." - Read more

Jean-François Noubel

34. Engineer

"NoteBook has made remembering even the most insignificant bit of information possible. Everything, whether small or large, can be found within seconds." - Read more

Shahrad Shafaghi

35. Coding Analyst

"Circus Ponies NoteBook is THE virtual office and task management Game Changer." - Read more

Tara Conklin

36. Project Manager

"With NoteBook I finally found an app with the advantages of a real, physical notebook (appearance, feeling, browsing) and the advantages of text documents on the computer." - Read more

Anthony Ampe

37. IT & Business Development Consultant

"NoteBook is the best way to collect web-based information." - Read more

Matt Rosin

38. Software Engineer

"I was a doubter. I've tried many other note taking and document organizing programs, and I always found issues with using them. NoteBook having outlining capabilities, free-form notes and stickies besides makes it a much more natural solution." - Read more

Roy D. Todd II

39. Law Student, Real Estate Broker

"When class starts I have my Notebook open and I have access to everything I have done in that class up until that day." - Read more

Jason Gorman

40. Middle School Teacher

"Having the ability to scoop out relevant passages from the web or a PDF or document and then use them later as citations -- that's a real time-saver." - Read more

Steve Wagenseller

41. Primary School Teacher

"With NoteBook I have become better organized, which means I am able to get a lot more done during the day." - Read more

Stuart Lord

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