Mac Trash Replacement, Force Empty Trash Mac | iTrash ®

Give your Mac’s trash can a major upgrade

iTrash® puts you in control of your Mac’s trash can, and adds your personality to your desktop

No more frustration from a trash can that won’t empty

Bypass the Finder's Annoying Item In Use Error When Emptying the Trash

With iTrash, you can override the Finder when
it refuses to fully empty the trash

Have you ever been frustrated by the Finder’s refusal to completely empty the trash? With iTrash, you can bypass this irritating behavior and completely empty your trash can. What’s more, you can have iTrash securely remove files from the trash by overwriting them on your disk, so that they cannot be restored. You can even set iTrash to automatically remove files and folders that have been in the trash for a long time.

iTrash Features

  • Wizard
  • T-Rex
  • Robot
  • Recycler
  • Black Hole
  • Bug Zapper

Set the trash’s appearance from any of over 20 animated characters

iTrash Puts You In Charge of Your Computer’s Trash
• Force Empty the trash on your Mac to override the Finder when it refuses to fully empty the trash
• Choose Secure Empty to help prevent recovery of sensitive documents
• Enable Auto Empty to periodically remove items that have been in the trash too long
• Eject drives and disk images from a handy menu that lists them all
• Place the trash anywhere on your desktop
• Float the trash above or below document windows
• Set the trash’s appearance from any of more than 20 animated characters

Put an end to the trash can that’s a moving target

Another annoying problem with the Mac’s trash can is it’s never in the same place twice. That’s because living in the dock, the trash shifts around as your dock grows and shrinks. With iTrash you can position the iTrash trash can anywhere on your desktop, and keep it there. With the trash in one place, you can start relying on muscle memory to drag files to the trash.

iTrash not only gives you more control, it lets you personalize your Mac’s trash can


“With iTrash I don’t have my Mac telling me it won’t empty the trash. And the file chomping T-Rex makes throwing things away pretty entertaining.”

Don’t settle for an ordinary round trash can – choose from over 20 animated iTrash characters that make sounds or even talk to you whenever you throw something away or empty the trash. No matter what you choose — from the menacing T-Rex to the green recycler to the file zapping bug zapper — your friends will wonder why your trash can is so cool and theirs is not.

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