Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does NoteBook run on OS X El Capitan?

    Yes, the current NoteBook release runs on El Capitan (except for Clipping Services, which El Capitan has disabled).  NoteBook can run on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8), Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, or El Capitan. 64-bit Intel processor required.

    I own NoteBook 3 - how do I upgrade to NoteBook 4?

    If you purchased NoteBook 3 from the Circus Ponies online store or a boxed copy from a retailer within the last 12 months (i.e. on or after May 6, 2013), your upgrade is free. A NoteBook 4 license key has been added to your customer record - use the "Retrieve License Key" link on our support page to have your NoteBook 4 key e-mailed to you, and then download the NoteBook 4 software from our downloads page. If you purchased NoteBook 3 in the last 12 months through a bundle or promotion such as Productive Macs, you are not eligible for a free upgrade. 

    If you purchased NoteBook 3 from the Circus Ponies Online Store or a boxed copy from a retailer more than 12 months ago, you can upgrade to NoteBook 4 for just $19.95. This is an introductory price that will increase at some point in the future. To purchase the upgrade, add a copy of the NoteBook 3 to NoteBook 4 upgrade to your cart. You will be prompted at checkout to enter your NoteBook 3 key. If you don't have your NoteBook 3 key handy you can use the "Retrieve License Key" link on our support page to have your key e-mailed to you.

    If you purchased NoteBook 3 from the Mac App Store, please contact us at

    Can I open a NoteBook 4-saved Notebook in NoteBook 3?

    No. NoteBook 4 uses a different file format that NoteBook 3 does not understand.

    I own NoteBook 2.1 - can I purchase an upgrade to get NoteBook 4?

    We released NoteBook 2.1 almost 10 years ago. Please purchase a full copy of NoteBook 4 through our online store.

    How does licensing work if I purchase NoteBook through the Mac App Store? Will I receive a NoteBook license key after purchasing a copy there?

    For copies of NoteBook purchased through the Mac App Store, all licensing is handled by Apple.  You will not receive a NoteBook license key from us or from the Mac App Store.  When you launch your Mac App Store copy of NoteBook, the Mac App Store will determine if NoteBook is licensed to run on your computer.

    I purchased NoteBook through the Mac App Store - how do I enable clipping?

    Apple’s “sandboxing” requirements means we had to remove clipping from the Mac App Store version of NoteBook. If this issue seriously impacts you please contact support.

    Does NoteBook run on the iPad?

    Yes, using the iPad version of NoteBook.

    Can I sync my Notebooks between my Mac and iPad?

    Yes you can - NoteBook uses the Dropbox file sharing service to wirelessly sync your Notebooks between your devices.

    How do I enable Dropbox support in NoteBook on the Mac?

    Unlike on the iPad, on the Mac there is no setting to change to begin using NoteBook with Dropbox. To upload your Notebooks to your Dropbox account, just move them to your Dropbox folder (typically named "Dropbox" in your home folder). That's it! When you open a Notebook that's located in your Dropbox folder, make a change, and save, that change will be sent automatically to the Dropbox service.

    Does NoteBook support iCloud?

    NoteBook does not support iCloud. Apple has restricted iCloud access to copies of apps that are purchased directly through the Mac App Store, which leaves out anyone who bought NoteBook directly from us, the Apple retail stores, as part of a bundle, or elsewhere. Via Dropbox, you can access your Notebooks on multiple Macs or iPads without restriction. Should Apple lift this restriction we will consider supporting iCloud.

    Does NoteBook run on Windows?

    No it does not - please let us know (via our support page or info e-mail address) if you want to see a Windows version of NoteBook.

    Is there an iPhone or iPod Touch companion application for NoteBook?

    No, but know users want one. Please stay tuned....

    I lost my license key - how can I get it back?

    If you purchased NoteBook from our online store, or purchased the boxed version of NoteBook and registered your license key with us, just use the license key retrieval form to have your license key e-mailed to you.

    After I purchase a license from your website or from a retailer, will the Notebooks I made during my trial still be available?

    Yes. Once you add your permanent license to NoteBook's License Manager, NoteBook will continue from where it left off in your demo trial.

    I have purchased a license - how do I update the software from the demo trial to my permanent license?

    If NoteBook says that your demo trial has expired, click the button to go to the License Manager. If your trial has not expired, choose NoteBook -> License Manager from the menus. Click Add in the window that appears, then enter your name and permanent license key.

    I get a message that this Notebook appears to be open on another computer - what's going on?

    When you open a Notebook, NoteBook writes a small "lock" file into it. If someone else tries to open that Notebook (let's say it lives on the network somewhere), their copy of NoteBook will see this lock file and tell them that the Notebook appears to be open already. It's important to detect when two people try to work with the same Notebook at the same time, because the Notebook can become corrupted as they save their changes. When you close the Notebook, the lock file gets removed. If NoteBook or your computer crashes while a Notebook is open, NoteBook will not have had a chance to remove the lock file. The next time you open that Notebook, NoteBook will see the lock file and think that the Notebook is open in some other copy of NoteBook on some other computer. Because it's not really open anywhere else, it's safe for you to choose the "Open to Make Changes" option in the panel.

    I purchased a new computer - will I need a new license to continue running NoteBook?

    No, you will not need a new license - NoteBook license keys are not tied to any particular computer. Once you've transferred your account using the OS X migration assistant, you should be able to immediately begin using NoteBook on your new computer.

    Help! I copied NoteBook and all of my files to another machine, and now NoteBook says that my license is invalid.

    The files that NoteBook creates to hold your license information can become invalid if they are copied or moved. Launch NoteBook and click "Review Licenses" in the panel that appears. In the next panel you'll see your existing/invalid license - select and delete it. Next, click Add License and re-enter your license information (you will need your original license key).

    Drag-and-drop copies files into a Notebook - is it possible to create a link to a file instead?

    Yes. To create a link, drag a document from the Finder over your Notebook, and then press the Control key. When you do, the cursor will change into the "link" cursor (you may have to jiggle the mouse a little to get it to appear). When you release the document, NoteBook creates a link to the original. Linked attachments look just like regular attachments that have been copied into a Notebook, except for a little link arrow in the lower-left corner of the icon/image. You can make linking the default action through the Drag-and-Drop section in NoteBook's Preferences panel.

    I can e-mail Page Bundles to other NoteBook users, but when I send an entire Notebook the recipient can't open it. How can I send whole Notebooks?

    If you experience problems sending whole Notebooks via e-mail, you can use the Finder's File -> Compress feature to compress the Notebook into a single document that mail systems won't mangle. Page Bundles are immune because they are already compressed - we couldn't do the same for whole Notebooks, unfortunately.

    What is your refund policy?

    For purchases made from the Circus Ponies Online Store, please contact us at if you need to request a refund. For purchases made through the Apple App Store or the Mac App Store, please contact Apple for a refund (developers are not given access to Apple's purchasing systems so we cannot reverse Apple App Store or Mac App Store transactions).

  • How do I transfer Notebooks between my computer and iPad?

    If you are Dropbox user you can upload and download Notebooks between your iPad and your Dropbox account. If not, here are the instructions to transfer Notebooks via iTunes:
    1. Connect your iPad to your computer and select it in iTunes.
    2. Click the Apps tab.
    3. Look for the File Sharing section at the bottom of the Apps pane and select NoteBook in the list.
    4. Drag a Notebook to the list of Notebooks at the right, or click the Add button to browse for Notebooks on your computer. Note: if you are using a Windows computer, Zip the Notebook before adding it to iTunes.
    5. After iTunes copies the Notebook to your iPad, the Notebook will appear in the My Notebooks screen in NoteBook for iPad.
    To copy a Notebook from your iPad to your computer, drag the Notebook from the list of Notebooks in the File Sharing to your desktop.

    Does NoteBook for iPad support iCloud?

    NoteBook does not support iCloud, but you can sync your Notebooks between your Mac and iPad via Dropbox.

    NoteBook for iPad doesn't recognize the password I've assigned to my Notebook - what's going on?

    Please open and save your Notebook using NoteBook 3.0.1 or later before transferring it to your iPad.

    How do I delete a page?

    To delete a page, turn to a Divider page and tap the page you want to delete, then tap it a second time to bring up the Editing menu. The Editing menu contains the Delete command.

    I have a Bluetooth keyboard - can I use common keyboard shortcuts like Cmd-B to bold text?

    Unfortunately no. Even though your Bluetooth keyboard has a Command key (and other modifiers), iOS does not currently support common desktop shortcuts like Cmd-B for bolding text.

    I registered from a demo trial of NoteBook but have not received anything for my iPad - what is going on?

    The demo trial registration available from our website only applies to the Mac version of NoteBook. There is no demo trial available for NoteBook on iPad.

    Does NoteBook for iPad support inline tables?

    Unfortunately no. Apple does not provide a multi-font text editor, or one that renders inline tables.

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