About Circus Ponies Software, Inc.

About Circus Ponies Software, Inc.

Our vision

Our name sums up our vision of what software should be, and perfectly describes what we do. Circus ponies are proud, smart, fast, beautiful, engaging, well-trained, fun, focused, powerful, surprising, and delightful. There’s also an historic carousel here in Santa Monica that’s filled with circus ponies. “Circus Ponies” software is smart, beautiful, fun, powerful, surprising, and delightful software, made here in Santa Monica, CA.

Our people

Here are some of the members of the Circus Ponies team (the rest prefer to work their magic behind the scenes):
Jayson Adams, President of Circus Ponies Software, Inc. Jayson Adams is the chief architect and vice president of technology for the company. Prior to Circus Ponies, Jayson worked at NeXT Computer, and co-founded a number of pioneering software companies including Millennium Software Labs, where he wrote the original NoteBook application for NeXTSTEP. At one of his next companies, Netcode Corporation, he architected the Internet Foundation Classes which formed the basis of the industry-standard Java Foundation Classes. Netcode and its technologies were acquired in 1996 by Netscape. A talented composer and musician in addition to his gifts as a software designer, Jayson earned his B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He has been featured in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous other publications.

Eric O'Rafferty of Circus Ponies Software, Inc. Eric O’Rafferty provides customer and technical support leadership for the company. With over 25 years experience, he has played integral roles helping grow visionary entities within organizations that range from startups to multinationals. Whatever the enterprise, at the core Eric loves helping people and solving problems. He was one of MacroMedia’s first ten employees and played an integral role in nurturing that company into what would become the leading developer of multimedia software. He has also worked in diverse roles at NeXT Computer, Digital Equipment Hong Kong, and Recreational Equipment Incorporated. An original user of NoteBook for NeXTSTEP, Eric also worked closely as a consultant to Jayson at Millennium Software Labs, where they worked on several projects together. Eric holds a B.A from Brandeis University in Classical and Oriental Studies.

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