Exporting a Notebook to PDF and Other File Formats
Exporting to PDF

To create a PDF version of a Notebook, choose File → Print..., then choose the Save as PDF... option in the Print sheet’s PDF button.
Exporting to Other File Formats

Choose File → Export... to export a Notebook to one of the following file formats:

• .txt —  plain text, readable by text editors but does not preserve fonts or attachments
• .rtf/.rtfd —  rich text, readable by most text editors and preserves fonts and attachments (NoteBook uses the .rtfd file format if the exported pages contain attachments)
• .doc —  Microsoft word processing format, preserves fonts and attachments (except those in Media Frames) but is not readable by most applications;  NoteBook uses the .doc file generator built into OS X
• .opml —  “Outline Processor Markup Language,” a popular XML-based file format supported by many outlining applications; it preserves the outline structure but not fonts and attachments
• .nbpb —  NoteBook Page Bundle, for sharing one or more pages with other NoteBook users
• .nbml —  “NoteBook Markup Language,” an XML-based file format that preserves fonts and attachments but is not readable by most applications