• "NoteBook is great because it keeps everything in one place, organized like a paper notebook."

  • "Before NoteBook I would end up reinventing the wheel because I couldn't find a note when I needed it."

  • "NoteBook is the best way to take notes and record lectures at the same time during class."

  • "Before, I had notes in lots of Word files - now, everything is in a Notebook, organized with the class handouts and assignments."

  • "With NoteBook I can organize a vast amount of information in a format that makes it all easy to find when I need it."

  • "NoteBook helps me keep better records of my scientific work - no more re-doing calculations because I can’t remember if I did them before."

The electronic notebook that helps you take great notes,
manage any project, and stay super organized

• Manage notes and documents using a familiar “notebook” interface

• Keep everything for your projects or schoolwork in one place

• Take accurate notes that capture every detail

• Find anything in seconds, no matter how little you remember about it

1.Store your notes and info in documents that look and work like paper notebooks
Keep the organizational system of pages and tabs that you’ve used for years

2.Take detailed, organized notes using a full-featured outliner

3.Record audio that’s synced to your notes and replayable from any point, so you never miss a detail

4.Store related documents right in your notes so that they’re handy when you need them

5.Capture mind maps and non-linear information using diagrams using NoteBook’s collection of shapes and lines

6.Track the action items in your notes by adding checkboxes and due dates, and publishing them to your calendar

7.Enhance your notes with annotations like highlighting, stickers, sketches, sticky notes and keywords

8.Clip content from other apps directly into your Notebooks without leaving the app you’re working in

9.Find anything in seconds with NoteBook’s Multidex search system

The Multidex section at the back of every Notebook helps you find notes quickly by whatever you can remember about them.

Here, the Text page shows all the notes containing the word “amateurs,” and where those notes live in the Notebook.

Clicking a blue bullet takes you to the note.

There are Multidex pages for dates, highlighting, keywords, file attachments, action items, and more.

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