• "NoteBook is an ingenious, all-in-one solution for anyone who needs
    to stay organized, whatever field they may be in"
    Dmitri Sobol, COO
    Circus Ponies
    The electronic notebook that helps
    you take great notes, manage any project, and stay super organized

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    NoteBook solves the one problem keeping you from getting organized at work

    If you've tried "to do" lists and apps to get organized, you've probably found you're not much better off than when you started. That's because to do lists only track your tasks—they don't actually help you complete them.

    Circus Ponies NoteBook is the missing piece in your workflow, organizing all the notes, documents, and other important info you need to get things done.


    How to get the superior grades you'll need to land the job, college, or grad school you want

    The competition these days is fierce.
    Problem is, if your study habits and exam preparation are the same as everyone else's, it follows that you're going to get the same kinds of grades as everyone else.

    Circus Ponies NoteBook gives you a unique advantage that will help propel you ahead of your classmates in your performance at school.

    NoteBook gets you organized at work, or makes you a super student at school, by streamlining the way you collect, store, and retrieve your information—here's how:


    Eliminate the wasted time and confusion from information scattered across your Mac or iPad. With NoteBook's digital notebooks, you'll always have everything you need to complete your tasks and assignments, right at your fingertips.

    No more bouncing between your desktop, file system,
    e-mail, web browser, and other apps for the documents and information you need to work with: NoteBook's digital notebooks keep it all neatly organized and in one place. Add dividers to create sections and subsections just like in a paper notebook, and then fill the pages with your notes, web research, spreadsheets, assignment PDFs, or anything else.


    Achieve complete mastery of meetings or lectures with thorough, accurate notes that capture every single detail, even if you get distracted—guaranteed

    Take notes with ease no matter your note-taking style: NoteBook combines free-form note taking, outlining, sketching, diagramming, PDF mark-up, and more to create the ultimate note taking environment. Plus, NoteBook's voice annotation system records the person speaking as you type your notes, so you'll never miss an important detail.


    Put an end to the frustration and time lost from misplaced notes and documents—NoteBook's Multidex search system finds them instantly, without arcane search queries to type, or hundreds of search results to pick through

    NoteBook's Multidex is a search system like no other. With the Multidex you start from whatever you can remember about a note or document, such as a name it contains, the date you entered it, or any of 12 other characteristics. With just a few clicks, you'll have what you're looking for.
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    Every day, hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the benefits of using NoteBook

    Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the benefits of using NoteBook


    • Stop feeling disorganized at work
    • Meet crucial deadlines with ease
    • Arrive fully-prepared to all meetings
    • Reduce time spent working late
    • Complete tasks in less time
    • Never lose track of important documents
    • Reduce lost billable hours
    • Get raises and bonuses from increased performance


    • Score higher on exams and assignments
    • Arrive fully-prepared to all lectures
    • Complete assignments in less time
    • Reduce the time needed to prepare for tests
    • Retain more information from your classes
    • Boost your confidence in your academic abilities
    • Increase your GPA
    "NoteBook is the glue that holds together all the businesses and projects I work on, day-in and day-out."
    Robert Schumacher, Businessman & Marketing Consultant

    "NoteBook has allowed me to see all my notes and documents clearly in one place, and to easily view all
    the information I have on a certain topic."
    Toby Huelin, Student

    "NoteBook has made remembering even the most insignificant bit of information possible. Everything, whether
    small or large, can be found within seconds."
    Shahrad Shafaghi, Engineer

    "NoteBook is what allows me to efficiently complete my assignments. I don’t know what I would do without it."
    Taylor G., Student

    "Circus Ponies NoteBook is THE virtual office and task management Game Changer."
    Tara Conklin, Coding Analyst

    Read in-depth comments from these and 37 other NoteBook users in NoteBook User Profiles.

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